Alex Caspero's Ghost Açaí Smoothie Bowl

Alex Caspero's Ghost Açaí Smoothie Bowl

Halloween is right around the corner, so it's time to get your spook on! While Halloween is often associated with candy and caramel apples, this ghost smoothie bowl is a wholesome treat that the entire family can enjoy.  

Smoothie bowls are a great way to enjoy nutrients and satisfy your sweet tooth and this ghostly creation doubles as a healthy breakfast or snack. 

The star ingredient in this ghost smoothie bowl is the antioxidant-filled Açaí berries. Açaí berries are nutritional superstars, especially when blended into smoothies or bowls. SAMBAZON’s Açaí pulp contains fiber, protein, and healthy fats that support heart health.  

According to researchers of the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 95% of kids are not getting enough fruit or fiber daily.1 An Açaí-based smoothie is an easy and delicious way to boost their intake. 

As a dietitian and mom, I love serving Açaí smoothies to my kids regularly. The berries' creamy texture makes them an absolute treat for my little ones, especially with all of the competition for candy this time of year. Açaí smoothies are a win-win in my book, satisfying my kids while helping meet their nutritional needs. 

Along with the Açaí berries, this bowl blends banana, blueberries, non-dairy yogurt, and non-dairy milk for a perfectly thick bowl. I call for ⅓ cup of non-dairy milk here, but depending on the strength of your blender, you may need a bit more. The base alone is delicious, but we're taking it up a notch with an adorable ghost topping to get into the Halloween spirit. 

There are two ways to enjoy this smoothie ghost bowl. The first option is to freeze the ghosts first. This option ensures that the ghosts keep their shape when added to the smoothie bowl. To do this, line a baking sheet with parchment paper, then pipe yogurt into a ghost shape. You can use any yogurt you'd like for this recipe, but it needs to be thin enough to pipe.  

To make the eyes and mouth, add mini chocolate chips or cacao nibs to the yogurt ghosts before it sets. You can also use blueberries or frozen blueberries for this bowl.  

If you want to enjoy this bowl immediately, pipe the yogurt ghosts onto the smoothie bowl right after making it. Then top with the chocolate to make the eyes and mouth. Their cute faces and chocolate chip eyes will make this wholesome treat more playful. Kids will get a kick out of the ghost toppings, and you'll feel good knowing they're getting beneficial nutrients from the smoothie base.  

Smoothies are such a versatile and fun breakfast. If you want to modify this recipe, switch up the fruit or use vanilla yogurt for a different flavor profile. Strawberries, blackberries, mango, and pineapple work nicely instead of cherries or blueberries. Frozen avocado also works instead of the frozen banana. 

However you choose to enjoy it, this ghost smoothie bowl is a healthy Halloween treat that can be a cute breakfast tradition for your family. The preparation is simple, and the decorating makes it an activity the kids can help with. Dig in and get ready for a spooktacular day! 

Ghost Smoothie Bowl 

Makes 2 Bowls  


¾ cup non-dairy yogurt of choice, divided  

1 tablespoon mini chocolate chips or cacao nibs  

½ frozen banana 

1 SAMBAZON Original Blend Açaí Packet 

½ cup frozen cherries (make sure the pits are removed) 

½ cup frozen blueberries 

⅓ cup non-dairy milk of choice  

  1. If freezing the ghosts first, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Place ½ cup of the yogurt into a sandwich-size bag or pastry bag fitted with a small tip. If using a plastic bag, cut off a small tip. Pipe the yogurt into a ghost shape, then top with the chocolate chips or cacao nibs. Place in the freezer until frozen, about 1-2 hours.  
  2. When ready to enjoy, place the remaining ¼ cup yogurt, frozen banana, acai pack, frozen cherries, blueberries, and non-dairy milk. Puree until creamy and smooth. 
  3. Divide the smoothie bowls into two bowls and top with the frozen ghosts. If not freezing the ghosts ahead of time, pipe the ghost right onto the smoothie bowl and top with the chocolate chips. 


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